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Meet Attorney Stephen L. Burton

Debt Management Expert, Bankruptcy Specialist

California attorney and bankruptcy specialist Stephen L. Burton brings a wealth of education and experience to each case.

We were impressed by his knowledge, skill and his reassurance that we could get through this…having someone like Steve Burton there to protect our interests has given us peace of mind. - David and Barbara A.

When the bankruptcy law became more complex in 2005, many bankruptcy attorneys focused on other areas of law. Then, when the economy soured and bankruptcies rose, many jumped back in … along with others who had no bankruptcy experience. The result: many attorneys who claim to be bankruptcy experts are not.

Seriously Specialized in Bankruptcy

Attorney Burton got his first exposure to bankruptcy law early in his career: while still in law school, he clerked with a law firm that specialized in bankruptcy. He learned through that experience what a powerful tool bankruptcy could be and how he could use it to help people who were facing financial ruin.

During his career, Stephen Burton has served as an attorney for bankruptcy trustees, taught bankruptcy at the National Business Institute and practiced before the bankruptcy courts in California. He regularly attends continuing education classes and seminars to stay informed of changes to the bankruptcy law. As a consequence, virtually every case he files is successful.

Well Connected in the Field

As a charter member of California’s Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys’ Association (CDCBAA), Stephen Burton is at the hub of the busiest legal district in the country.

Judges and other legal practitioners speak at the association’s regular meetings, keeping the membership informed and providing them opportunities to develop personal connections.

A long history of exceptional representation and strong ties within the field translate into success in the courtroom. A client recently told Attorney Burton, “Wow, the judge really listened to you!”

Don’t put your future in the wrong hands – hire a bankruptcy attorney who can and will work for the best possible outcome of your case.

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