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What Are The Options To Resolve My Tax Debts?Your options lie in offers of compromise and in payment plans. Additionally, bankruptcy can discharge tax debts if the debts stem from income taxes that are more than three years old with timely filed returns.

What Can A Tax Resolution Attorney Do To Help Me With My Tax Debts?

A tax resolution attorney has special knowledge of the requirements of the IRS and Franchise Tax Board (FTB). The FTB allows for payment plans and compromises so garnishments and bank levies can be stopped.

The IRS and the FTB do not want to take away the money that you need to live. But, if you have ignored the taxing agencies long enough, they will take action to collect.

How Serious Does My Tax Debt Need To Be To Hire A Tax Attorney?

If the taxing authorities have been ignored for too long, it’s time to hire a tax attorney. Ignoring the problem only serves to aggravate the situation of solving what becomes progressively a more complicated matter.

How Long Does It Generally Take To Resolve A Tax Debt?

This varies widely depending on the circumstances. As a tax practitioner, our firm has access to different connections that help us cut waiting time.

Most people do not know what the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board can do if you don’t pay your taxes. So don’t wait – you’ll only have 30 days to talk to a bankruptcy attorney before they call you again.

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