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We Can Answer Your Legal Questions – Call (818) 514-1355 For A Free Initial Consultation

Your Consumer Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Law Firm

It’s not every day that you hear someone say that bankruptcy has been the foundation of their career. Typically, people try to do everything they can to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorney Stephen Burton was exposed to the world of bankruptcy in law school. As a clerk for a bankruptcy law firm, I learned what a powerful tool bankruptcy could be and how it could be used to help people who are facing financial ruin.

As an accomplished attorney, Stephen Burton has taught at the National Business Institute, attends conferences and seminars, and meets with other attorneys to discuss the best practices. If you live near Encino, CA, or Sherman Oaks, CA, and need expert legal assistance for bankruptcy, tax resolution, or debt settlement/resettlement, contact the Burton Law Offices to schedule your initial consultation.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

Bankruptcy, Tax Resolution, and Debt Settlement attorney Stephen Burton is committed to being

Knowledgeable: By specializing in these fields, I can dedicate my time and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for my clients.

Available: Your case is not beholden to a 9-5 schedule and neither, should I? I am available whenever you need my services.

Empathetic: Dealing with these legal challenges can be an emotional and tumultuous time. Having an empathetic lawyer working with you to achieve the best result is extremely important to me.

“What People Say”

Need To Find The Right Attorney For Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement Or Tax Resolutions?

Need To Find The Right Attorney For Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement Or Tax Resolutions?
You need an attorney that…

  • Is a member in good standing of the California Bar Association
  • Has a track record of satisfied clients
  • Specializes in Bankruptcy
  • Practices Bankruptcy law on a regular basis
  • Takes continuing education courses to stay abreast of changes in the law
  • Knows the court judges’ rules
  • Is someone with whom you’re comfortable discussing your finances
  • Offers a free consultation to assess your situation

If you are facing financial challenges such as job loss, overwhelming debt or unpaid taxes, you have come to the right place. Attorney Stephen Burton‘s exclusive focus on and decades of experience in Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement and Tax Resolution will help you get the fresh start you need. Serving the San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Conejo Valley, and greater Los Angeles.

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The Road To Financial Health

The Road To Financial Health

Your bank account is empty. Your credit cards are maxed out. You’re afraid to answer the phone. How did this happen to someone like you?

If you’re like most people in this situation, you’re feeling the impact of the economic downturn. You also may have experienced the death of a partner or close relative, illness, divorce, or a negative employment change such as job loss or salary reduction. Like you, others in this situation weren’t always in these circumstances; most were financially stable – many were extremely successful – before disaster hit.

Getting Started towards Financial Freedom

The good news: there’s a solution, a road to financial wellness that lets you regain your balance and rebuild your life. Whether your solution is to renegotiate debts, resolve tax obligations with the IRS, or file bankruptcy, becoming educated about your choices is the first step on the road to health. To learn about your options, you need an attorney who is savvy about bankruptcy law, whom you trust to understand your circumstances, and who can clearly explain your alternatives. Attorney Stephen Burton has the specialized qualifications and experience you need to reestablish financial health.

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