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Person holding key and model house - Real Estate concept.- Burton Law OfficesReal Estate Transactions Comes With Risk For All Stakeholders

While a single set of signatures can officially transfer ownership of a home or place of business from one owner to another, the final signature on the dotted line is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to California real estate law.

Real estate transactions are inherently complicated, and come with their fair share of risks. All of which are deepened by the amounts of money involved, and the stakes for individual homeowners or commercial real estate enterprises. From the banks lending money, to the independent contractors working on a property, everyone involved has both responsibilities and risks associated.

Fortunately, an attorney can also be involved to help lower those risks and liabilities from the start or to do damage control and reduce the harm when things do go wrong. In Encino or Sharman Oaks, California, that attorney is Stephen Burton.

A Real Estate Lawyer Who Gets The Bigger Picture

Our primary duties, as your real estate law firm, are to handle the legal safeguards and paperwork required for your transaction.

If you are buying or selling, you will need a title verification to ensure the deed of the property is in order. This will allow you to move forward with the sale or purchase confident that there are no outstanding liens on the property, and that, once the transaction is over, ownership will not be in dispute.

However, by hiring Stephen Burton as your real estate attorney, you will get more than just the bare minimum. This is because he always operates with an eye on the more complex cases and the bigger picture of debt, financial situations, and what to do when properties are in distress.

Dealing With Distressed Properties In California Real Estate Law

Remember those risks discussed earlier? When that risk comes knocking, properties often end up in distress. Distress does not mean that they are stressed (though you or their owner might very well be) but rather that their legal status is in jeopardy.

This can happen in many ways and for an even greater number of reasons, but they all serve to complicate real estate transactions. Here are some examples:

  • A tax lien could be placed on the property because its owners owe significant back taxes.
  • A home could be foreclosed on by the bank after its owners failed to make payments.
  • A business owner might be trying to make a quick short sale to avoid losing value to a foreclosure.

These kinds of properties may offer substantial opportunities at the cost of additional risks. It can be difficult to sell, invest in, get work done on, or borrow to purchase such a house or business. Worse still, an unwise purchase could be followed up by months or years of legal battles over the ownership or value of the property.

As a career-long specialist in the legal field of bankruptcy, debts, and financial restructuring, real estate attorney Stephen Burton will be able to navigate you through the difficult sales or complicated purchases of distressed or at-risk California real estate properties.

Get A Real Estate Attorney To Review And Reduce Your Risk

Getting a real estate attorney to review your commercial or residential property transaction is a no-brainer. Whenever that much money is on the line, you do not want to cut corners. However, choosing the right attorney for your real estate sale or purchase can be tricky.

Based out of his offices in Encino and Sherman Oaks, California, real estate attorney Stephen Burton can help everyone from individual sellers to corporate buyers and lenders follow through with a transaction. By reviewing both the fine print and the big picture details of your real estate question, he can help you avoid pitfalls and plan for the long term.

Call his office at (818) 514-1355 or book an online consultation now.

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